During the Corona Virus quarantine, I started having a recurrent element in my dreams: empty pools.
I had never seen an empty pool before in my life.
Being locked in my room all day, everyday, led to the description I found on the internet when I have been searching for “dreaming empty pool symbology”:

Dreaming about an empty swimming pool symbolizes a period of emptiness and despair in your life. Things won’t be going as planned and you are about to get in a very melancholic mood.

From the empty pool everyday dream, I found myself in an empty pool also in the rest of the day. The “empty pool circumstance” we are living now, pushed me to create a visual research condensed in a conversation between photographies of empty pools from public archives and images from my personal archive. Scans of drawing homeworks from my primary school archive are present in the dialogue, a ghosting trace of mecanical exercises, a desire for structure. A game of syncopated rhymes that winds visually between failures, technical drawings, dream images externally archived, along with pictures taken by me in the waking state.